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Fall Cookout, Devo, & Encouragement Project

By Mark Adams | 10.30.09

9524_570101011551_71003869_33647254_8177261_nWe had a terrific time at the Oakleys’ last Sunday afternoon. They have lots of outdoor space, and there was plenty of room to play frisbee, football, and whatever else we came up with.

One of the highlights of the evening was definitely the Mummy decorating competition. David, Alayna, and Megen all looked pretty convincing. We used this as a starting point for our devotional where we did a sort of interactive reading of the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. We let different people play different roles. It was pretty cool to get to the part where Lazarus is to come forth from the tomb, and we had a real “mummy” ready to emerge!

9524_570101440691_71003869_33647288_1501382_nWe finished things off with a hayride outside, then we came in to prepare some care packages for our recent graduates who are now college freshmen. I heard back very quickly from our beloved Kassie & Kelsi who said, and I quote:

We love our packages! You guys brightened our day:)
Thank you very much, and tell everyone we appreciate it and miss them! :)

Cody responded:

Hey man, I just got the package.  It’s so awesome!  There’s so much cool stuff in here!  Thank you, man.  Plz tell everybody else I said thanks, too!

Mission accomplished! Thanks to everyone who came and participated.


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