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Lord, Help Me to See

By Don Loftis | 10.27.09

In Mark’s Gospel the last recorded stop made by Jesus before His final entry into Jerusalem was a visit in Jericho. As He left that city with His disciples, He was followed by a great crowd of people. Along the roadside that day was a man named Bartimaeus; he was driven to begging because of his blindness.

Though the crowd attempted to silence his cries, his repeated appeals granted him a hearing before Jesus. A hush must have fallen over the noisy crowd, as Jesus asked one simple question — “What do you want Me to do for you?” (Mark 11:51).

Certainly Bartimaeus had other needs. He could have used money, better living conditions, more friends, new clothes or a new Isaiah scroll. However, he knew what was the real need of his life. So with great respect, he voiced his simple request, “Rabboni, I want to regain my sight!” A few moments later, a miracle made that request a reality. We don’t know how he lost his sight, but we know exactly how he received it back.

As we encounter the power of Jesus in our lives, we need to make a similar request. We must not be sidetracked by jobs, houses, cars, family or even health. We must request to see things clearly. We need to see our sin in all of its ugliness. We need to see the love of God in all of its beauty. We need to see the cross as a personalized gift of grace. We need to see a world that desperately needs what we possess and so often take for granted.

Amidst the noise and the crowds of daily living, let us boldly seek for a spiritual clarity in our lives. With that blessing, we will never be the same!


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