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Welcome to our new website!

By Mark Adams | 11.01.09

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!  This website has been a work in progress for us for quite a long time.  We’re so glad to have a presence here on the web, and we hope this website will be a good source of information for both our visitors and our members.

Some things to be sure to check out:

  • The sermons section.  You can listen to our sermons, and even subscribe to them as a podcast to download them and hear them on the go.
  • Our photo gallery.  We’ve got some pictures up of various events, including last week’s Fall Fest.  Check back regularly for new photo galleries.
  • Read and respond to our blogs.  Don and I each will be making posts, which you can add your own thoughts to as comments at the bottom.  (We do moderate all comments to avoid having inappropriate content make it onto the site.)
  • If you are a member, request member access.  After you contact our secretary, using the online form, we’ll give you your user name and password so that you can access our weekly bulletin archive as well as our full member directory.  We’ll keep the information current, so you’ll have quick access to the same contact information we have in the office.
  • While you’re at it, if you’re a member, sign up to receive the bulletin by e-mail.  Every week, the bulletins are done by Wednesday, but you have to wait until whenever the post office can deliver them to you.  Get the bulletin in your e-mail and you’ll have it the instant that it is ready.  Though we are glad to continue sending the bulletin to whomever desires it by snail mail, there are at least two other benefits to getting the bulletin by e-mail:
    • Save paper!  For each address that makes the swap, it’s at least 50 sheets of paper per year that we will save, and therefore it is an environmentally friendly option.  (Not to mention it will help you to avoid clutter)
    • Save money!  Every bulletin we put in the mail costs us about $0.40 including postage.  E-mailing the bulletin is free.   So for each person that swaps, we will save about $20 per year.

    There is a lot more to see here, as we have all sorts of information available for you to learn more about our congregation, but those are a few things to look at and consider as you get a feel for our new website.

    What do you like best about the new website?

    Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and let us know!

    Have a terrific week,


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