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White Christmas Project

By Mark Adams | 12.03.09

Hello!  Thanks so much for your help in our annual White Christmas project.  This year, we will be focusing on a family of three: a mom, a daughter, and a son.  For a breakdown of what they are needing, please click here.

We will be having our Christmas party on December 13, where we will wrap the presents that everyone buys.  For those who want to shop together, we will do the shopping on this same day after morning services.

If you are planning to help out, could you please post a comment on this blog post, letting us know what you intend to buy?  This way we will make sure they get some of everything, and not just end up with 10 pairs of pants and no shirts.  It is fine if you want to let us know anonymously by not including your name with your post.




4 Responses to “White Christmas Project”

  1. Susan Robinson says:

    I purchased an Angel and some undies for Kristi and several Hannah Montana items for Haley ie: overnight bag, hairbrush and lipgloss.

  2. Natalie Perry says:

    hey my mom bought the twilight dvd for our family. (:

  3. Lisa Chambers says:

    We’ll be bringing gifts for the Mother Kristi: Pant, Shirt, socks and undergarments.

  4. Allison says:

    will bring earrings/bracelets for Haley


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