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How Comfortable Are Your Feet?

By Mark Adams | 01.28.10

How comfortable are your feet right now?  When I ask this, do you suddenly become aware of them?  At any given moment, we can feel our feet, but if we’re not thinking about them, we don’t really notice how they feel.  Perhaps even as I say this, you suddenly pause and realize the need to adjust a sock or tighten a shoelace.  Your feet have always been there, haven’t they?  But just before you read this, you weren’t thinking about them.  Awareness is everything.

Once in chapel at the Harding Graduate School, a man got up to lead our prayer.  He was from Africa, and he could pray unlike anyone I’ve ever heard.  He spoke with a booming voice and a thick accent.  The first half of his prayer he spent simply acknowledging the majesty of God.  As a man who has lived in a place where mission work is active, he said something that really struck me.  “Oh Almighty God.  There is no place we can go where we do not find you waiting for us.  As we go out to the wilderness, to reach new tribes with your Word as missionaries, we discover that even before we arrive and speak the name of Jesus, you have already gone there ahead of us, preparing the minds and hearts of people to receive the Gospel.”

Do you realize that God is here right now?  You cannot travel far enough, high enough, or deep enough to find a place where God is not already waiting.  Hopefully, this is not a new revelation for you.  We know and believe that God is everywhere.  But do we live as if we are in the presence of God?  Do you remember God as you wake up, and as you go to sleep?  Do you remember him as you work, and as you play?  He’s always been there.  But in order to grow nearer to Him each day, awareness of Him is everything.


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