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Let’s Get Ready for Camp 2010!

By Mark Adams | 01.04.10

I am already getting excited about Old Hickory Bible Camp in 2010!

Our theme for this year is going to be “That We May Be One.”  We will focus on our unity with God, and our unity as Christians.  Jesus said that it was through our unity and love for each other that the world will really know we are Christians.

Our theme for this year is “Out of Style.”  I want to see who can come up with the tackiest, most outdated clothing they can find.  (Let’s be sure to keep it modest)  I plan to be amazed at some of the clothing that will show up.  Of course, for some of us, to be out of style all we’ll need to do is wear what we would be wearing anyway! Ha!

Be sure to look at our Ministries section and to download your Bible Camp application under the Youth Ministry heading.

Thanks for a terrific 2009, and let’s have another terrific 2010!

See you soon,



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