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Prayer Can Be Dangerous

By Mark Adams | 02.03.10

Have you ever pondered the gravity of the words you pray?  Do you ever think about what a frightening statement it really is to say to God, “Make me a better person”?  Or “Help me to do your will in my life”?  Or “Help me to grow in my faith”?  Have you ever had any growing experience that didn’t involve hurting somewhere along the way?

Let’s not forget Daniel.  He was a good man.  If he were here, we would love for him to go to our church. Daniel prayed three times a day while looking out his window.  Then suddenly, prayer to anyone but King Darius was illegal.  But when government makes rules against righteousness, then Godly people have to break the law.  Do you realize that it was for praying that Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den?  Thankfully, God provided safety for him, but Daniel had no reason to expect anything other than being chomped to death.  Prayer, for Daniel, was dangerous.

And what about Job?  It was because he spent so much of himself trying to honor God with prayers and sacrifices that he made it into the middle of Satan’s crosshairs.  He lost his children, his home, his health, and all his possessions because he was a man of prayer.  Prayer was dangerous for Job, too.  Even Jesus prayed those perilous words, “Father, not my will, but yours be done.”  He was praying when they arrested him to put him to death.  Prayer is not an empty action, and the words we pray are not lost or forgotten by God.

Fortunately, we pray to a loving God who is bigger than our problems.  Jesus said that if two or three Christians on earth agree about anything, “It will be done for you by my Father in heaven (Matthew 18:19).”  James tells us that our prayers for each other bring forgiveness and healing, because when righteous people pray, it is “powerful and effective (James 5:16).”  Pray often, but pray with caution.  It isn’t a small thing to ask the Almighty Ruler of the universe to take action, because those who ask will also receive.


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