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Are you asking the right questions?

By Mark Adams | 08.26.10

Donald Miller made a post on his blog recently where he highlighted the type of questions that Americans typically ask about things in our world.  We are consumed with the question of “How”.

“How can I lose weight fast?”

“How can I make more money?”

“How can I manage to afford that bigger house?”

“How can I take on more debt, even if I haven’t paid for what I’ve already got?”

“How can I get my kids into Harvard?”

The question “How” tends to assume that I know what’s best for me, and I know what it is that I want.  It is a question of means, so that I can eliminate the gap between what I want and what I have.

Miller’s observation–with which I agree–is that the Bible can be a frustrating book for Americans to read, because the type of questions we bring to it is not the type of questions that the Bible is trying to answer.  Instead of answering “How”, the Bible is much more interested in a deeper question: “Why?”

“Why do I exist?”

“Why does life have so many problems?”

“Why do I feel such a need to be loved?”

“Why doesn’t God do something about this?”

If you’re approaching the Bible because you’re looking for a way to get rich quick, then you’re going to be frustrated.  But if you are wondering about some of the deeper questions in life, and are looking for real meaning and purpose, you’ll find that the Bible is a well so deep that you can never reach the bottom or exhaust its value.  So if you’ve been frustrated with the Bible in the past, you might stop to consider, “Am I asking the right questions?”


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