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Got Leaks?

By Don Loftis | 02.16.11

I just returned from paying my water bill at the Madison Suburban Utility District. Yes, I had put it off

β€˜til the day it was due, but that was not the real issue. It was the amount ($138.36) that was bothersome. This represented a monthly usage six times normal. The nice lady at the counter asked me where my leak was. And, I told her that I didn’t know of any leak, and that we were even out of town a couple of weeks during the billing period. Her response was, There must be a leak!Leaks have a way of showing up and being very costly in other areas as well. Not spending enough time with our children or our spouse can seriously damage relationships. Not controlling personal finances can lead to a mountain of debt. Health

I would be surprised if this principle did not affect our spiritual lives as well. Are you experiencing a significant spiritual crisis in your life? Is there a temptation that is getting the best of you? Are you more affected by fear and stress than normal? Are hope and joy less a part of your daily life? These problems may well arise when there is a leak in our prayer life or Bible reading routine or fellowship activities. Someone well said,

leaks can lead to obesity, chronic fatigue, heart disease, and even early death.Seven days without prayer makes one weak.I haven

’t found my leak yet, but I am looking? How about you?


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