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Time-Lapse Photography

By Don Loftis | 02.10.11

A few weeks ago, Lance Cordle, who preaches in Calvert City, KY, told about an individual from New Jersey, who set up a camera on the patio to film the immanent snow storm. While no one would want to view a 36-hour version, the time lapse format used gave a unique perspective, as 30 inches of snow piled up. Time-lapse photography has a way of condensing events to show both a process and a result. I see two great values to this concept, as we evaluate our spiritual lives.

First, a time-lapse look at our lives would show clearly our spiritual growth — from conversion to the present. It should reveal a deepened prayer life and enhanced Bible study skills. It would highlight those many individuals who have helped shape our spiritual growth and maturity.

We also might discover how some bad habits have crept into our lives and flourished in ways we never planned. Has our involvement in Bible class or ministry gradually lessened? Have we effectively reduced our contribution to cover other expenses? Do we exhibit heightened moral complacency evidenced in the TV shows we watch and the jokes that we laugh at? Israel did not leave God in a week, and the apostasy of the early church was not accomplished in a year.

A “time-lapse view” of our lives will allow us to perform spiritual inventory. Let’s edit our lives, so the final viewing will be pleasing to God.


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