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The Church, A Broader View

By Don Loftis | 03.02.11

During Paul’s ministry, he was privileged to visit with many different congregations. Some were associated with his missionary efforts in Arabia, Asia Minor, and Europe. Knowing Christians from all these different places gave real meaning to his salutation to the church in Rome, “All the churches of Christ salute you.”

Often our view of the Lord’s church is restricted to a congregation or two; we seldom sense the church’s universal portrait. This past weekend our teens joined 8,000 other Christians to be a part of the Challenge Youth Conference. Some of our ladies joined with sisters in Christ in Searcy, AR. These people will never be the same, because their view of God’s kingdom has been expanded. Let me suggest a few things we might do to experience “the broader view.”

(1) Visit congregations as you travel. Worship with them or just stop by the building and meet the preacher or maintenance man.

(2) Read newspapers like The Christian Chronicle that report on churches of Christ around the world.

(3) Correspond with missionaries and let them introduce you to members in their congregations.

(4) If someone visits here, become a pen pal and learn about their church — local or far away.

(5) Attend lectureships and programs that bring Christians together.

Never forget the joy of making friends and meeting “extended family.”


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