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The Church: A Modern Lighthouse

By Don Loftis | 06.01.11

Built in Alexandria, Egypt, the Pharos Lighthouse was recognized as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. At the time (200 BC), its 45-story height made it the world’s tallest building. It housed a large curved mirror in its beacon room which projected a beam of light 100 miles into the darkness of the Mediterranean. For 12 centuries, many seamen were protected by its light, while many others were rescued from certain death.

The lighthouse was designed and built by an engineer named Sostrates, but Ptolemy II, king of Egypt, wanted to take credit for the project. He demanded that his name be on the dedication marker. Sostrates’ anger caused him to develop a devious but quite successful plan. Secretly, he carved his name and biographical information into the lighthouse’s marble foundation. He then put a thin layer of cheap plaster over that area and etched the inscription Ptolemy wanted. Within a number of years, the wind and elements caused the plaster to break apart and reveal the name of the real builder, Sostrates.

Today, the church serves as a lighthouse by beaming the Gospel message to the whole world. The church’s marvelous design is evidenced in its durability. Despite numerous enemies and viscious attacks, it continues to thrive 2000 years later. While many individuals have sought to attach their names to the church, time continues to spotlight Jesus as its designer, its cornerstone, its head, and its owner. The Gospel lighthouse is the church of Jesus Christ, and its powerful effect on the world is not limited to one nation or even one continent. Have you been rescued by its “message of light?”


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