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Dealing With The Annoyances Of Life

By Don Loftis | 07.27.11

There we were taking in the beauty of Capital Reef National Park in southern Utah. Pam and I had driven two miles off the main park road and walked even farther down a gorge. We crawled back into a “cave-like formation” on a lower level of a 200’ high rock wall, and we marvelled at God’s creativity. There was no one around; there was no noise except the wind. We allowed ourselves time to pray and meditate in this wonderful place.

Then it happened — a “noseeum” showed up. This is the name that Utah residents use to identify an insect that resembles a Tennessee mosquito. This noseeum annoyingly buzzed around our heads and bit our arms. Its presence destroyed “the serene moment” we had just begun to enjoy. It didn’t seem fair.

Life is that way, isn’t it? Just when things seem to be going well, something bad happens. The budget seems balanced, and someone gets sick. You finally develop a close friend with whom you can share anything, and they tell you that they are moving out of state. Just when you sit down to enjoy some quiet time with your Bible, the baby wakes up.

Peter was walking on the water and doing quite well, when he recognized the presence of the wind and waves around him. Paul was serving God with tremendous results, when the thorn in the flesh appeared. The annoyances of life will come with regularity. Our challenge is trust God more fully and to rejoice with greater regularity.


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