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Running Away From God

By Don Loftis | 07.13.11

Sitting in the Denver airport a couple of weeks ago, I observed hundreds of people rushing to destinations. Some, like me, I am sure were vacationing, while many others were likely fulfilling business responsibilities. Some were going to visit terminally ill family members. The likelihood is that some individual was headed for an extramarital affair, while another was on his way to serve the Lord on a mission trip.

Whether these individuals were aware of it or not, each of them had one common need; they needed Jesus Christ. No matter where they came from or where they were headed; they needed Jesus.

We are all familiar with the story of Jonah. He was displeased with the mission that Jehovah had for his life, so he tried to run away from God. He thought that time and distance would free him from accountability to the Lord’s plan. Of course, he was wrong. We are wrong too, if we think we don’t need to meet God and respond to His will for our lives. Our hectic pace may numb our feelings, but it will not eliminate our need.

As we travel the highways and airways of life, we must not forget God and His eternal perspective on the human experience. We dare not become too busy to take time for Jesus. We should all agree with the church sign that read, “Don’t miss Heaven, for the world.”


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