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Go Your Way

By Mark Adams | 09.28.11

The first half of the book of Daniel is a powerful narrative about a young man who managed to stay faithful to God in a hard set of circumstances. But the second half of Daniel–his visions–is a lot weirder, and harder to comprehend. God reveals to Daniel much of what would be occurring on a grand scale; more than 1,000 years of human history, with one empire turning over another, and all of this leading to a “son of man” who was given dominion over the entire world (Daniel 7:13-14). After numerous visions, Daniel finally spoke up and asked a heavenly messenger, “What shall be the outcome of these things?” (Daniel 12:8) Instead of receiving an explanation, Daniel was told twice, “Go your way, Daniel.” (Daniel 12:9,13)

As much as we might ponder the future of the world, the nation, or the church, we must never get so caught up in desiring a glimpse that we forget to do the work that has been given to us. God is at work, and as a master craftsman, he is forming all of history to his own magnificent conclusion. But for history to reach its best crescendo, it is important that we do what we can, in our time, in our community so that the Kingdom of God reaches its fullest potential in our lives. Just as with Daniel, we are promised rest and reward at the end of our days (Daniel 12:13), but for now, let’s be sure that we go our way, and do our work, looking forward to the day when we can sit at God’s side, marveling at what he’s done.


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