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As The Seasons Change

By Don Loftis | 11.02.11

Beyond a doubt, fall has arrived!  The cool nights, the falling of colorful leaves, and the end of the baseball season all confirm such.  As further proof, this weekend we will move our clocks back an hour and start our evening worship services at 5:00.

Which of the four seasons do you like the best?  Each one of them has something beautiful to offer.  Spring offers a period of rebirth, as green leaves and grass replace the dead brown of winter.  Summer is a season of gardens, flowers, patios, and vacations.  Fall brings colorful trees and football homecomings.  Even winter offers snow days from school and some of our favorite holidays.

I would remind all of us that life is the same way.  Every “season” of our lives offers some unique blessing.  The early years extend freedom and growth.  The early adult years introduce us to marriage and parenting.  Through the 40’s & 50’s we celebrate professional success and deepen friendships that are only possible by settling down.  As seniors, we anticipate retirement and enjoy grandchildren.

As we share in our 30 Days of Thanksgiving, we need to broaden our awareness of God’s great gifts to us.  Let’s focus less on the financial struggles or the aches and pains.  Every day of every season provides us with great blessings.  The challenge is to both see them and express appreciation for them.



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