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Do Your Flowers Need Watering?

By Don Loftis | 12.14.11

Paul Riddle is a spiritual care specialist who works with Lifeline Chaplaincy, a hospital ministry supported by churches of Christ in Houston.  Recently he shared a story about Emma, a lady who was in the last stages of pulmonary failure.  While gasping for air, she told him of her love for God and her abiding hope.  She described her life-long commitment to attend every worship service or Bible class, even though as a single parent she was often exhausted.  Paul asked her what about the church motivated her to go even when she didn’t really want to.  Her response was quick and simple, “My flowers needed watering.”  Without regular spiritual interaction our spiritual lives dry up.

Certainly church attendance is an act of obedience — the Scriptures command our presence at the assemblies.  It is that unique time where, in His very presence, we offer our worship to God.  Yet, we gather for worship and study, because we need it.  We need to have our souls replenished.

Through my ministry, I do not recall ever talking to a person who regretted the effort they made to “be at church.”  Going the second mile in the face of bad weather or recurrent pain merely heightened the beauty of the “spiritual shower” the Lord provided their soul.

Let me challenge each of us to be regular in our attendance.  Your presence this Sunday (9:00, 10:15, and 5:00) will honor God, encourage your spiritual family, and “water your flowers.”


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