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What Excuse Would You Give?

By Don Loftis | 01.25.12

Human Resource officers report an alarming increase in workers habitually arriving late to work.  While traffic was cited as the number one reason for tardiness, a recent article highlighted some of the more unusual excuses.  One lady reported being late because she incorrectly thought she had won the lottery.  Another complained that her roommate was angry with her and cut the cord to her cell phone charger so her alarm didn’t go off.  One honest fellow said, “ I wasn’t late; I never intended to be there at 8:00.”  My personal favorite was the individual who blamed being late on her cat’s hiccups.

We often use excuses, but seldom appreciate them in others.  Recently the cruise ship Costa Concordia struck an underwater reef and flipped sideways costing about 30 people their lives.  Countering charges that he deserted ship, the captain, Francesco Schettino, suggested that he might have tripped and accidentally fallen into one of the emergency evacuation boats.

Jesus told a parable about men who agreed to attend a feast, but who later changed their minds.  He says, “But they all alike began to make excuses” (Luke 14:18-20).  Land evaluation, stock testing, and even marriage were exposed as flimsy excuses for failing to attend.

What was our last excuse for missing worship services?  What is our excuse for praying less than two minutes a day?  On the Day of Judgment, what excuse will we offer for having never become a Christian?  If our excuses sound a bit weak, how do you think they sound to God?



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