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I Hope You Have A Good Reason For Being Here

By Don Loftis | 02.15.12

While I was preaching in Indianapolis, I came out of our building one morning only to discover a man in my car.  Without much thought I inquired, “What are you doing in there?”  As he jumped out of the car and started to leave, he simply said, “Oh, nothing.”

How would you respond if someone were to come up to you this Sunday and asked, “What are you doing here?”  Honesty might demand some to reply, “Just showing off my new dress,” or “hoping to close that business deal,” or, like my coin thief in Indy, “ Oh nothing.”  You might think of more, but I know at least five good reasons for each of us being present this Sunday at 9:00:

TO WORSHIP GOD — We honor Him by our presence and the worship that we offer.  Heaven is pleased by the effort of attendance and the action of praise.

TO LEARN GOD’S WORD — Sermons and Bible classes both offer instruction from the Scriptures.  Who amongst us does not need to learn more of God’s inspired message?

TO FELLOWSHIP — I need encouragement and I need to offer that encouragement to others.  Songs and prayers coupled with conversation in the aisles and parking lot help us refocus our faith.

TO SUPPORT THE LOCAL CHURCH — In some ways every empty seat is a vote to close down the church.  Our contribution (financially and otherwise) advances the congregation here.

TO WITNESS TO THE WORLD — The “unchurched” of our community take note that our priorities have put us at worship rather than our yards or boats.  Please be sure — they are watching.


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