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What Is Preventing You?

By Don Loftis | 02.08.12

An angel of the Lord directed Philip to share the story of Christ with a treasurer from Ethiopia. After observing a nearby body of water, the eunuch said, “Look!  Water!  What prevents me from being baptized?” (Acts 8:36).  For  genuine believers nothing stands in their way except their willingness to obey.

In a broader perspective, what keeps us from doing more for the Lord?  What keeps us from seeking and promoting His kingdom?  For some, it might be health or education or even opportunity.  However, for most of us, it is merely a matter of getting started and doing it.

Today you can start you own visitation ministry — write down ten individuals or families that you want to visit over the next month and get started one at a time.  Today you can start a dynamic prayer ministry — start a prayer list and add to it as needs arise throughout the week.  Today you can target an individual to be influenced by the love of the Lord as seen in the cross of Jesus.

Are we willing to pray, “Lord, remove the barriers that keep me from serving you.  Please open the doors and let me see the opportunities of advancing your kingdom this year.”  He will certainly do His part; will we do ours?



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