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The Place Where We All Should Belong

By Don Loftis | 04.25.12

Jesus died in order to purchase His church which functions as His body here on earth.  Peter even describes every Christian as a “living stone” attached to Christ.  Yet, many church members feel quite disconnected within their own local fellowship.  One middle-aged lady said, “I know I’m a part of the body of Christ, but sometimes I feel like an appendix.”


Congregations need to do a better job of helping every member discover their talents and finding a place to serve.  More established members need to incorporate newer members into their ministries and classes.  Elders need to better communicate ministry and fellowship opportunities.  However, the individual member must be willing to get involved and put forth the effort to be a “team player.”


Sometimes people are kept on the outside of a church’s life;  in other situations, they choose to stay there.  Incorporating everyone into the family of God leads to greater efficiency, produces deeper joy, and more fully honors God.


By the way, when Paul wrote about the body (I Corinthians 12:21-23), he included the weaker members (feet as well as hands; ears as well as eyes).  In addition, he suggested that we often give greater attention to these in our lives.  The value of anything is determined by its usefulness/health at a specific time.  I still have my appendix, and I am very thankful for that reality!



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