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The Challenge of Preaching

By Don Loftis | 06.13.12

As we gather together on Sundays, we certainly are there because of God.  He is the audience of our  worship and the recipient of our praise.  Yet, we spend a significant portion of that time listening to a sermon drawn from God’s inspired revelation.  It is crucial that we appreciate and maximize the experience of preaching.

Recently, Ben Mandrell shared his observations regarding “biblically faithful preaching.”  He suggested preachers should…

¨ Give people a bigger picture of God.

¨ Train people to turn to the Bible when

problems arise.

¨ Show people how to read, study, and handle

the Bible themselves.

¨ Teach all parts of the Bible and show how unique

and wonderful each section truly is.

¨ Challenge people to own the truth by

responding to the message.

¨ Prove that the Bible is ancient; yet it speaks today.


This certainly is a challenging assignment, and it is one that I take very seriously.  I want every sermon to be pleasing to God and to be a good stewardship of the 100-150 “listening hours” that it represents.  Of course you can help by listening well, prayerfully considering the message, and making the necessary application to your lives.  Together, we can meet the challenge of preaching.



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