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The Real Key To Quality Leadership

By Don Loftis | 07.18.12

Ron Walters, a current corporation Vice President and former preacher, wrote, “Our strength to lead was never intended to come from our gift to lead, but rather from the One who called us to lead.”

Certainly, there are key leadership principles that increase effectiveness.  Character is an essential as is personal sacrifice.  People skills, continued growth, and good communication  are important.  Whoever said, “You cannot lead someone to a place that you have never gone,” was on to something whether one is a tour guide or a spiritual leader.

However, ultimately all of us as leaders are driven in humility to the reality that our task exceeds our strength.  This awareness brings us to our knees looking up for divine assistance.  Elders and preachers need the Lord’s help in shepherding and instructing the church.  Ministry leaders need God’s blessing on their efforts in visitation, benevolence, counseling, education, or evangelism.  Every husband should recognize his need for God’s guidance in his marriage, and all parents need spiritual power to raise their children.

It is permissible — even commendable — to acknowledge this need.  In the presence of those we lead, we need to pray aloud for God’s blessing and God’s guidance.  When we make a mistake in judgment or behavior, we need to humbly confess and make things right.  Sometimes an apology is a better leadership tool than a new pronouncement or pep talk.



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