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Does This Seem Odd To You?

By Don Loftis | 08.08.12

There is a mainline church in the Netherlands known as the Exodus Church. On the surface it might not seem very different from a dozen other religious groups.  Folks assemble every week to pray and sing.  The preacher reads from the Bible and delivers a sermon.  What is unique is that their preacher, Klaas Hendrickse, is an atheist.  He does not believe God exists or that the Bible has any inspiration behind its message.

We are quite aware that atheists exist within our culture, but we seldom see them in the pulpit.  It would seem to me that a religion stripped of God’s reality and His presence loses its power and its ultimate blessing.  Where is faith?  In such a religion to whom do you pray?  Is the broken individual in the pew the ultimate power?  Where is hope?  Is there anything to look forward to after this life is finished?  Is cancer, suffering, and death the final chapter?

Before we are too quick to ridicule or criticize Mr. Hendrickse, let’s be sure that we fully embrace the existence of God.  Do we really believe, if we read but don’t obey?  Do we really believe, if we have no faith in the power of prayer?  Do we really believe, if we fear death and have no confidence for eternity?

To be a Christian and to live without obedient faith and reassuring hope is really odd — whether you stand in the pulpit or sit in the pew!



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