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What Would You Give Up?

By Don Loftis | 08.29.12

Robert Shannon relates a true story from Kingston, Jamaica.  Two Christian men were out inviting folks from town to join them at their worship services on Sunday.  One man responded to the invitation by saying, “I don’t have any shoes to wear.”  One of the Christians quickly took off his shoes and gave them to the man.  That meant he had to walk barefoot 2 1/2 miles back to his home.  However, what a joy that Sunday when this man actually visited and heard the Gospel preached.

We all want people to join us for our services, but what are we willing to give up in order to make that happen?  How much personal inconvenience would we take on?  In addition to a verbal invitation, we might offer to pick them up or take them to lunch after services.  Since they will feel like a stranger, maybe we could meet them in the parking lot fifteen minutes before services and promise to sit with them.  Meeting for coffee before services, watching their children for the afternoon, buying their class study book — the list is endless.

It is difficult for anyone to come the first time and equally hard to establish a new spiritually driven habit. If we can get friends there a few times, they will find a place of love and encouragement; they will discover the presence of the Lord; they will hear the Gospel of hope.  For them to walk that first mile, it will be necessary that we walk the second mile.  The extra effort is necessary and it is worth it.



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