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Faith & Works: A Perfect Combination?

By Don Loftis | 09.26.12

Do you ever struggle with the balance between faith in God and your own personal responsibilities?  On one extreme I might say, “That’s God’s problem, I’ll simply let Him take care of it.”  While at the opposite extreme I might work myself to exhaustion, worry about every outcome, and feel total responsibility for every issue.  It would seem that there must be a middle ground–a true point of balance.

Mark’s Gospel (16:1-4) offers an interesting account that may prove helpful in finding that balance.  It is early Sunday morning after Jesus’ crucifixion and three women, disciples of Jesus, are walking to His tomb to anoint His body with spices.  On the way they have one big question: “Who will roll away the large stone from in front of the tomb?”  When they arrive, they discover the stone has already been moved.

In the first place, we notice their personal commitment.  They are up early.  They are prepared to perform a difficult task.  They are walking toward the tomb.  Secondly, they have faith that someone will move that stone.  These ladies are both acting and trusting.

There is no substitute for our willingness to serve and our determination to obey God’s commands.  Saying “Lord, Lord” will never replace the need to do the will of the Father.  However, in those areas that lie beyond our knowledge or ability, we must trust God.  As the song says, “He will make a way where there seems to be no way.”



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