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Jesus is Watching

By Don Loftis | 10.31.12

Below is a guest post this week from Allan Tucker, one of our Elders…There is a story told about a small boy who misbehaved during worship service.  He would squirm, stand up in the pews, talk and attempt to taste the items in the communion trays.  The boy’s mother would scold him, but he continued to act up.  Finally one Sunday morning, as he once again tried to help himself to some communion bread, his mother grabbed his hand and told him, “You need to behave, Jesus is watching you!”  The little boy stopped, looked up at the auditorium ceiling and said, “No, He can’t see me through the ceiling!”

It is understandable that a small child would not understand how the Lord watches us, but do we not sometimes act as though, not only the Lord, but also people who know we are Christians, who see us everyday, are not watching our actions with a critical eye?  The Apostle Paul tells us how this is an absolute fact for us in Colossians 4:5, “Be wise in the way you act with non-believers, making the most of every opportunity.”

We should examine ourselves each day, asking what type of examples we will set.  Our example should at all times be not only the upright behavior of “put all evil things out of our lives” (Col. 3:5), but also be reaching out to those around us.  Let each of us stay alert for opportunities to assist those around us, even if that assistance is just a hug or encouraging word.  Even the smallest thing to us, in the name of Christ, may serve as a great example to those watching us.



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