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Sharing God’s Word

By Don Loftis | 10.24.12

Below is a guest post from Jim Oliver, one of our Elders…

When you have materials that will not be used, it is so good to be able to get them to people who are anxious to get them and put them to good use.  Teachers in mission areas have so little to work with and the churches cannot afford to buy what they need.  Some teachers buy their own, but never have the wealth of material that Old Hickory has.

We are so blessed at Old Hickory to have materials to teach God’s word.  We have Bibles, Bible school materials, song books and support materials needed to conduct classes and worship.  In fact, we have more materials than we use.  Over the years we have accumulated a lot of these materials.  During clean-up day we collected a lot of these items.  Teachers went through their rooms and separated the un-used items.

Al Jaynes collects these items and sends them to Mission Points all over the world.  He has sent them to Appalachia, Haiti, India, Bermuda, South America and many other places.  He stores items in a warehouse in Franklin TN where volunteers sort them for shipment.  We had a pick-up truck load at Old Hickory for him.

The people who receive these items are so happy to get them and share them with their friends and neighbors.  Many school systems give Bibles to their students

I am so thankful that we can spread God’s word in this way.  I believe this pleases God.

Thank you to all who helped in this effort.



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