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Be Aware of Excuses

By Don Loftis | 11.28.12

Have you ever asked someone out on a date or invited a couple over for supper and had them cancel at the last min-ute?  When you asked what happened, they offered an excuse like “something came up” or “I really need to do my laundry.”  When people reject us or undervalue our time and efforts, our feelings are usually hurt.

In Luke 14, Jesus tells about three folks who had accepted an invitation to a celebration, but backed out when the time came to go.  One said he needed to go examine a piece of property, while the second needed to test out ten oxen he had just purchased.  The third was a newlywed and was not interested in going to the feast.  Each of these thought they had good reasons for being absent, but the one giving the party was hurt and angry with all three.

During our lives, we often offer excuses to the Lord so we don’t have to put Him first.  We  are busy with our jobs and careers.  We want our children to be involved in every good academic and athletic activity.  We want to please our spouse and participate in our own hobbies of interest.  We are just too tired.

It is interesting how good these excuses sound to us, but I wonder how they sound to God?  He provides all our physical blessings and has even sent His son to die on the cross.  Yet, often all we have are weekly excuses to miss worship, cut our contribution, or refuse to be involved in the activities of the church.  Let’s honor God by keeping our promises and refusing to offer cheap excuses.



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