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By Mark Adams | 12.12.12

Last year, we began a program called Prayer Partners, where each member of your youth group (7th-12th grade) was partnered with an adult from our congregations. The adults all agreed to pray for their teen every single week. I also encouraged communication and encouragement between the pair, making an effort to get to know each other better. Let me just say how much I have appreciated all of you who participated with us in this during 2012.
It often warmed my heart to hear one of my teens talk about how their prayer partner had sent them a note, or a gift, or said hello to them at church. I’ve hard participating adults tell me just how much they had grown to love the teen they prayed for. I know many of you went above and beyond to make a difference, and I thank you for it. It is so important for the future of the church that our young people have friends, not only their own age, but who are in all different walks of life. We want our young people knowing they are part of the body of Christ, and not just part of a teen group. Making that a reality depends so much on you!
We have a sign up sheet on the Second Miler board, and I encourage our adults, especially those without children in the youth group, to sign up to be Prayer Partners with our teens in 2013.


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