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Break Out The New Calendar

By Don Loftis | 01.02.13

Despite claims that the world would end during this past year, we have all seen the arrival of 2013.  We were again reminded of the biblical truth that human beings do not know the date of the end of time—only the Father in heaven (Mark 13:32).

The annual calendar serves some very important purposes.  It allows us to identify when events will take place and to plan our schedules accordingly.  Without a cyclical 365 day calendar we would not be able to celebrate those special events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Maybe the most important aspect of facing January 1 is the opportunity to reflect on the past and make modifications for the future.  While not every new year’s resolution is kept throughout the year, determining to make changes in our lives is quite useful.  It is a lot like James’ admonition about looking in a mirror (James 1:23-25).  It is useful to see ourselves in the light of reality and re-chart our future accordingly.

There is something exciting about placing the new calendar on the desk or purchasing the new Day Planner.  All those white spaces offer hope and encouragement to press forward with more worthwhile goals.  New calendars offer hope that the future does not have to be just like the past.  Come to think about it, Jesus Christ came so that our future would not be dependent on our past.  He offers a new start filled with hope that is even better than a new calendar.



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