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Tearing Down So We Can Rebuild

By Don Loftis | 03.13.13

If you have driven along Highway 45 in Old Hickory recently, you noticed some major construction across from the  Piggly Wiggly.  A couple of old buildings have been torn down to make rom for a new business (which I understand to be a Family Dollar store).  Sometimes progress demands  that the old be removed before the new can be built.

Our spiritual lives are the same.  Paul told the Corinthians that they needed to purge the old leaven so that they could be a new lump before the Lord.  Those who would experience the new birth and live the new life in Christ must begin by turning away from their old lives.  Acts 2:38 makes it clear that repentance precedes baptism.

If we want to build a quality life, we may first need to tear some things down.  Selfishness, anger, lust, pride, and covetousness are all poisons to developing good relationships. They will harm our marriages, distance us from our children, get us in trouble at work, and stunt our spiritual advancement.  Removing the poison of sin from our lives allows the Lord to strengthen us personally and to build stronger relationships.

Progress is often painful, but a mansion can’t be build around a shack.  A life to the glory of the Lord cannot be built around sin and selfishness.  Let’s tear down our idols and purge our sinful habits, so the Lord can do a great work in our lives.



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