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All On Board For VBS 2013

By Don Loftis | 06.19.13

I don’t know who developed the idea of Vacation Bible School.  Undoubtedly, they wanted to take advantage of the free time created by school’s summer vacation and turn it into an opportunity for children to learn about Jesus.  As a child, I remember having VBS for two weeks and climaxing it with a big Saturday picnic.  The rooms were crowded and not air conditioned; for added space we met in the preacher’s house (bedrooms, kitchen, and living room).

Today, summer breaks are shorter and families are busier.  Children have a myriad of opportunities both in the house and outside to pass the hours of summer.  As a result, VBS is shorter in length and features more variety in activities.  Times have changed, but the need to instruct children about Bible truths and spiritual values remains the same.

As you will notice elsewhere in this bulletin (and all around the building), it is time for VBS 2013 here at Old Hickory.  Around the theme of “It’s a Blue Ribbon Life,” we will feature Bible classes, refreshments, activities, crafts, and a daily service project.  Like last year, most activities will take place in the multi-purpose basement.

Teachers and staff are ready, but we need everyone’s help inviting and transporting children to be here next week.  This is a great OPEN DOOR for reaching out into our community.  Let’s put a spiritual spin on summer vacation this year by filling our VBS to capacity.



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