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Overcoming Damaged Lives

By Don Loftis | 07.17.13

Most of you are aware that Pam and I returned from vacation to discover that a water leak from our refrigerator had resulted in major damage to our kitchen floor.  The days that followed have been filled with countless decisions, repairs, inconvenience, and expense.  Even with all the structural work completed, we are now having to sort and replace items in drawers and cabinets.

Many of the events in our lives follow a similar pattern.  Job changes, deaths, empty nests, and chronic illnesses all have a way of disrupting our normal flow of activities.  We experience both inconvenience and frustration in dealing with these uninvited life experiences.  Our spiritual journeys are not immune to these same challenges and frustrations.

How do we survive the damages that life inflicts?  Let me at least offer two reminders.  First, it is imperative to get the right help.  We needed help in getting a room rebuilt; sometimes we need assistance in recovering from life’s storms.  It is OK to call a counselor, a financial advisor, a tutor, a doctor, or a preacher.  Wisdom is not having all the answers, but in knowing who to call to get the answers.

Secondly, it is important to keep looking forward to the time when the firestorm of crisis is past.  A king once asked his resident wise man to inscribe a statement of encouragement on his ring.  His finished work simply said, “This too shall pass.”  The biblical term for this is “hope.”  Hope is more than dreaming of a better time; it is confidence that it is coming.  God will see us through the adversities of this life and offer us assurance of a better life to come.


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