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How Much Is It Worth To You?

By Don Loftis | 08.21.13

A few months ago, I finished eating a meal of Chinese food and broke open the complimentary fortune cookie.  It said, “What we acquire without sweat, we give away without regret.”  Wow!

That statement is true on many levels.  We might have limited interest in a particular company until we find that our IRA has invested in it.  The casual fan takes a loss much easier than one who is a “die hard.”  Folks typically have stronger feelings regarding houses they own than ones they rent.  Sweat equity is a very real commodity.

In Luke 12:34, Jesus is recorded as having said, “For  where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” People often want a religious feeling to come before they will get involved, but Jesus says it happens the other way.  If we attend regularly, give generously, pray fervently, and serve sacrificially, the church will feel like the most important and valuable thing in the world.  It will rise to the status of “treasure.”

From a vastly different angle, have we ever thought about how much God has invested in each of us.  He has created us and the world in which we live.  He sustains us daily with innumerable blessings.  He has redeemed us at the cost of His own son’s blood on the cross, and He has a room in His house prepared and waiting just for us.  I guess that is why heaven rejoices at every sinner that finds forgiveness, and why the Lord is longsuffering not wanting anyone to perish.



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