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The Limits Of Love

By Don Loftis | 10.23.13

In 2008 Wendy Montgomery, a devoted Mormon, went door to door in her California neighborhood soliciting support for passage of the anti-gay marriage proposition.  Now she is part of a movement within the Mormon faith to have the church teach that homosexuality is not a sin and that gay marriage is acceptable.

What happened during that five year period of time?  What could have changed her views regarding homosexuality and morality?  Simply put, she and her husband discovered that their teenage son was gay.  She is now fighting for the Mormon church to accept her son’s “alternative lifestyle.”

I suppose it is human nature to want to exonerate those we love from the guilt of sin.  Many have softened their views on divorce and remarriage based on personal or family experiences.  Tolerance reduces conflict and makes for a friendlier Thanksgiving pitch-in.

While such a response is understandable, it simply is not defensible.  Truth is not relative, and right cannot be determined by public consensus.  Certainly, there are times that we need to amend our positions.  There are situations in which perceived doctrinal tenets were nothing more than inherited opinions.  However, the standard has to be what the Bible teaches not personal enlightenment through life experiences.   Identifying sinful behaviors never justify mistreatment, unkindness, or disrespect.  Likewise, genuine love cannot ignore truth or hide the consequences of sin.


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