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Preaching From The Wilderness

By Don Loftis | 11.13.13

Over the past 30 years the role of the church and the place of her message has drastically changed within the American landscape.  Public prayer is challenged.  Preachers are disrespected.  Religious freedoms are questioned.  Even the presence of church buildings in communities is protested.

Mike Glenn, contributing editor for Preaching, writes, “We no longer preach from the center of the public square.  We’ve been pushed to the fringes.  We’re reluctantly given moments in the cultural conversation, but mostly we’re not wanted at all.  We now preach from the wilderness.”

Rather than getting discouraged or defensive, we should be reminded that both Elijah and John the Baptist preached from the wilderness.  Not only did they preach there, but folks in large numbers heard them.  The message of the early church was challenged by the religious establishment and the political powers.  However, they persistently spoke with power and authority from the “wilderness” of their day.

It has always been that the minority can have a powerful voice.  The Gospel message today is counter-cultural, revolutionary, and radical.  Its freshness will appeal to those who are tired of the empty promises of the status quo.  As Christians, we have a message that addresses the hurts of life and the fears of death.  It is a message of timeless truth!  And we need to be reminded that truth is the same whether it comes from the courthouse, the church house, or the wilderness.



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