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The Platform Of Success

By Don Loftis | 12.04.13

After attending Lipscomb, Rex Brothers was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in 2009.  In three seasons with the major league club he has become one of the most trusted pitchers in their bullpen.  This past season he pitched 67 innings with an outstanding ERA of 1.72.  For part of the season he was their “closer” notching 19 saves.  Rex was born in Murfreesboro and is a member of the Chapel Hill Church of Christ and openly admits that his platform of success also raises new temptations.

This is true for preachers who move to a larger congregation or for politicians who are elected to public office.  It is true for coaches who play in championship games and for authors who are published.  Satan seeks to take every advancement in our lives and fill it with sinful influences, selfish opportunities, and egotistical arrogance.

In II Corinthians 12 Paul describes the spiritual revelations that he received from the Lord.  This platform of knowledge and faith was to be used to reach Jews and Gentiles with the Gospel.  Yet, God knew that Satan would tempt Paul with pride and selfishness, so he gave him a “thorn in the flesh.”  In verse 7 Paul says it was given “to keep me from exalting myself.” This was not a punishment but a blessing.

Every new stage of our lives can be an opportunity to glorify the Lord or to succumb to Satan’s new temptations.  Let’s be alert.  Let’s keep spiritual advisors in our lives. Let’s be sure to keep the spotlight on the cross, not on ourselves.




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