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Lessons From A Dumpster

By Don Loftis | 03.12.14

Gregory Kloen made news in Brooklyn, NY a few years ago by converting a dumpster into a small apartment.  It had an area for sleeping, a small kitchenette, and a flower box on the outside.  Some might suggest he was crazy, but others might argue he was both creative and frugal.  His actions do remind me of two great biblical principles.

He was able to take something of little value and turn it into a functional dwelling.  Jesus often used little things like splinters and coins to teach lessons.  He could take a small meal and feed thousands.  He is still able to take a sinner and turn him into a saint.  The blood of Jesus has incredible power to transform ordinary lives into great influences for good.  Even today, those who observe the Lord’s working are amazed at the outcome.

Gregory also demonstrates a measure of contentment that the average person might not possess. The renovated dumpster met the immediate needs that he had.  Paul never extolled the value of either riches or poverty, but he did commend the virtue of contentment.  It is not what we have or don’t have that matters; our attitude toward things is what counts.  We will never possess all that we might desire, but we need to learn contentment and thanksgiving for the things we do have.

If we look around at our lives today, what “dumpsters” can we convert and use to the glory of the Lord?  What simple things can we allow God to bless in our own lives?



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