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Moving Ahead In God’s Will

By Don Loftis | 05.14.14

Over the past three weeks there have been many positive comments made about Jimmy Lawson.  We recalled his love for his family, his devotion to the local community and church, his wit and wisdom, along with his service in the Air Force.  He served this congregation as an elder for 25 years and as treasurer for nearly that long.

His footprint here will be long lasting in many different ways, but his untimely death also reminds us of the wisdom evidenced in the biblical plan for church leadership.  The New Testament teaches that each congregation is led (shepherded) by a plural number of elders.  No preacher is to lead the church, nor is an individual elder to have too much power.  This allows for stability in the congregation even in hours of transition.

Jeff Fortner will be serving as our interim treasurer.  Should you have any financial questions or need reimbursed for some expense, please contact him.

While some practical matters may need to be tweaked, the philosophy, goals, and ministries of the Old Hickory church are unchanged.  Jimmy Lawson was part of a good leadership team, and he left his area of responsibilities in extremely good shape.  While we are thankful for his extraordinary service, we rejoice that all of us possess a citizenship that transcends this life.

It is good to be the people of God who live under the headship of Jesus Christ.  This is a safe and secure leadership model.



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