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Good News Around The World

By Don Loftis | 06.18.14

Our attention is typically drawn to bad news.  Whether that is on the international political scene or from issues surfacing in local churches, we often see good news go unreported.  Allow me to share encouraging news of what is going on with the Gospel in the world today.  All of these items are excerpted from the most recent issue of the Christian Chronicle.

  • The Crossings Church of Christ in Wentzville, MO raised over $400,000 one Sunday with a large portion of the contribution dedicated to church and campus ministry plantings.
  • In Ikom, Nigeria a gathering known as “The Great Workshop” brought 468 preachers and church leaders together.  During the three days 2496 Bibles were purchased, 135,000 tracts were distributed and eleven souls were baptized.
  • The Khon Kaen Bible Institute in Thailand held a family camp in the northeastern part of the country.  450 people from 42 congregations enjoyed the fellowship and four were baptized.
  • A congregation in El Salvador has grown from 27 to 51, since its beginning just four years ago.
  • Through studying English on the internet, a young Chinese lady named Cherry learned of her need to be baptized.  Her American teacher, Paul Harp of Searcy, AR, utilized Skype to arrange for her husband to immerse her.

We need to know more of the great things going on in the kingdom of God.  We should take great courage in being reminded that the Lord is the head of His church, and He is in control.



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