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Letting The River Of God Flow

By Don Loftis | 07.09.14

As the baseball season begins its second half, many of the teams are looking to make trades that will add quality to their rosters.  Most fans are looking to spend millions of dollars and add hall of fame caliber stars to their favorite team.  However, most teams will make much smaller deals, attempting to improve in less dramatic ways.

That mindset is reflective of our society.  We look for an enormous improvement within an immediate timetable.  The world would be different if we made that one big discovery, passed that one well-written law,  invested in the perfect company or preached that one all-inspiring sermon.  Lives and congregations are seldom changed by some great action, but are almost always molded by the multitude of smaller daily events.

In the final chapter of the book of Revelation, John describes a river flowing from the very throne of God.  This river represents the righteousness of God and His life-giving strength offered to us.  Mike Glenn comments, “Our calling is to cut channels for that river to flow in the lives of our people, our churches and our communities.”

We are not trying to discover a “new river,” but we are trying to help people come in contact with God’s message.  Parents seek ways every week to let their children experience the  love of God and the beauty of His Scripture.  Preachers and teachers expose a few verses of God’s dynamite in every class or sermon.  Communities continue to be exposed to the light of the Christian way, so they can move from blindness to sight.  These efforts take time, repetition and patience, but they will prove effective!



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