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By Don Loftis | 07.30.14

Either through our announcements or social media, most of us are aware of Kent Brantley’s battle with the deadly Ebola virus.  Kent serves as a medical missionary in Liberia, West Africa, and most recently he has been working to contain a deadly outbreak of this virus which has taken hundreds of lives.  Now he has contracted the virus for which there is no cure and from which three quarters of its victims die.

My 30 year connection with Kent and his family adds to my concern and increases the fervency of my prayers.  However, in the midst of the past three days, I was reminded how emotionally detached we often are from events and people around the world.  I had heard of the Ebola outbreak and even knew Kent was involved in treating it.  Ignorance and distance combined to limit my concern and my prayers.  That all changed with the news sent to us by Kent’s sister.

The same principle is true in regards to evangelism.  We are certainly aware many folks are lost, but we allow distance to dull our emotions and limit our response.  Blinded by the magnitude of the task and distracted by our own schedules, we allow the status quo to continue without any meaningful personal response.

After World War II there was a spike in mission efforts to Europe, because our soldiers saw the needs first hand.  We need to see the faces and meet the families of the lost in our neighborhoods.  Then, our emotions will drive us to pray and prayer will open the doors to sharing the story of Jesus here, in Liberia, and elsewhere.



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