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How Does The Church Speak?

By Don Loftis | 08.20.14

Recently, I reminded all of us that the church functions as the conscience of a nation.  We are responsible for clarifying right from wrong and for calling people to live by God’s standards of righteousness.  Such messages are not always popular or well received, but are still essential.  I felt good about the sermon, but afterwards I started thinking how the church communicates its message to today’s culture.

I suppose our public communications are the most obvious tools.  What does our sermon index or class curriculum say about moral issues?  How often are social issues addressed and with what level of clarity and passion?  Bulletin articles and prayer requests would also be indicators.

In a secondary way, the causes that we endorse speak to the values we hold.  Support for our local outreach center and the Inner City Ministry speak to our concern about poverty and hunger.  Collecting supplies for a pregnancy care center is a small way to compassionately uphold the value of the unborn.  Our Families newsletter publicizes our interest in marriage and parenting as does our annual Fall Festival.  In a similar way, the issues we highlight during elections and referendums give voice to our values.

However, the church is more than a formal group speaking from a pulpit or on letterhead.  Each member has their own unique voice to express.  Personal conversations with your children, neighbors, or co-workers all funnel the message of what is right deep into the hearts of our culture.  We must speak up — silence is not a viable option!


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