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The Best Business Card

By Don Loftis | 10.29.14

The salesman had finished his presentation, and the customer was cordial but non-committal.  Before leaving, he thanked him for his time, complimented his business, and handed him an attractive business card.  That card served as a simple but effective link for further communications.  It had phone numbers and product information that might lead to a sale later.

I have a business card with our 2014 theme logo on it.  It provides those I meet with a variety of ways in which they can connect with us.  It also allows me to leave a note, even if I missed someone at a hospital or home.

Are you aware that the church has three different business size cards that you can use to connect with others?  They include Scriptures, the plan of salvation, service times, as well as our phone numbers and internet addresses.  You are welcome to pick up some of these and include them with cards you send or leave behind after a visit you make.  You might even leave one with your tip at the restaurant and include a personal invitation to visit with us.

However, don’t forget that the most effective business card is the life that you are living.  Those around you are watching to see what difference Jesus and His church are really making in your life.  Paul knew that the true credentials of his ministry were the disciples he made.  In II Corinthians 3:2 he wrote, “You are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men.”  A Christian example is the best business card available.



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