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Take A Look In The Mirror

By Don Loftis | 11.12.14

Michael Shannon relates the story of a man who, at the last minute, remembered that he needed to buy a present for his wife.  Rushing into a department store, he asked a female clerk to see some perfumes.  The first bottle cost $200, and he quickly said that such a price was far too high.  His response to a $100 bottle was similar.  Somewhat exasperated, the clerk brought him a $10 bottle to consider.  The man rejected that one as well, exclaiming, “I want to see something really cheap.” She handed him a mirror.

Have you ever heard a sermon and immediately thought how well it applied to someone that you knew.  Stories of dishonesty, criticism, and materialism often seem to be fitting captions for the biographies of others.  Yet, the reality is that often we need to be handed a mirror; we need to look deep into our own lives.

One day king David listened to the prophet Nathan tell a story about a selfish king who took a family’s pet lamb to feed some of his personal guests.  David was incensed.  David felt that the offending party should have to pay for his callous insensitivities.  Nathan simply said, “You are the man.”  David failed to see his own guilt of stealing another man’s wife until the prophet “handed him a mirror.”

Most of us have a hard time looking at ourselves physically or spiritually in a mirror.  It is easier to critique others, while offering ourselves the amnesty of ignorance.  However, maturity is seeing ourselves for what we really are and looking to Jesus for what we can become.



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