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An Intergenerational Church

By Don Loftis | 12.10.14

The brief glimpses into the church of the New Testament reveals congregations that were made of various age groups.  Cornelius and the jailor both had households that were converted to Christ.  The older men were to teach the younger men and likewise the older women instructed the younger women.  Following that model, Paul mentored the younger Timothy to follow Christ and to proclaim the Gospel.

The local congregation draws on this diversity.  We celebrate the tenderness and honesty of our youngsters and capitalize on the creativity of our teenagers.  There is the energy of the young adults, the expertise of middle aged professionals, and the wisdom of the elderly.

The local church is designed to be an extended family where every member can serve and be served; where every member is valued and his talents utilized.  To her detriment, too often various age groups are marginalized rather than utilized.  The church is the family of God, and its members become relatives of one another.

Our goal at Old Hickory is to develop programs and ministries that address the needs of both teenagers and second milers.  It is also our desire to utilize the talents and opportunities that are present in each generation represented among us.  Unity and growth depend on bridging the generation gaps that inevitably occur.  This goal demands our prayerful consideration and our persistent efforts.



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