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What Excites You?

By Don Loftis | 12.03.14

Throughout the Christmas shopping season, marketers will attempt to impress us with their products.  They may appeal to our pride, our curiosity, or our taste buds, but they all want us to get excited about their product.  Packaging, promotion, and pricing will all be designed to create enough excitement to result in a purchase.

Most of us have sports teams that we like.  We get excited when they are on television; we get excited when they win.  If we have an opportunity to see them play in person or secure an autograph from one of the players, all the better.  We scream during the game, clap if we win, and gripe the next day if we lose.

If it isn’t a “toy” or a “team,” what does excite you?  Maybe it’s a visit with a family member or a good book or meal out.  Could it be a special trip or vacation?  How about a bonus from work?

While all of these things can bring pleasure and create some short term excitement, none of them should excite us as much as the message of the Gospel.  God’s love and grace demonstrated in Bethlehem and at Calvary should capture our hearts and energize our lives.  Nothing compares with having our sins washed away, and nothing should compare with the privilege of sharing that message with others.  Let’s not be fooled by the commercials, for only Jesus Christ can flip the switch for happiness and joy.



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