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Why Do We Serve?

By Don Loftis | 02.11.15

Each Sunday Arthur James gets up at 5:30, travels to the church building, and prepares the Lord’s Supper for about 400 members who will attend that Sunday.  This Cuban born immigrant has been performing this ministry for 15 years.

Two things connected to his service make it a bit unusual.  First, he attends the Manhattan Church of Christ in New York City.  This is one of the most diverse gatherings of Christians in the world.  Their membership represents 43 countries and at least 15 languages.  Secondly, Arthur is 95 years old — yes, 95 years old.

One of the local ministers asked him why he did this every week.  His reply in part was, “Why do I do this?  Because I love the Lord, and my life was, is and will be in his hands. … I do this because I realize this signifies the pains and aches that he passed on Calvary. … I know that the almighty God is alive. … He gave his life for us so he could give his life to us — and live his life through us.”

Why do you and I share in our ministries?  Maybe we feel good when we complete our efforts — I hope we do.  Often we are searching for appreciation — don’t be disappointed, most will never notice or thank you.  We certainly don’t think we are earning salvation or a better “mansion over the hilltop” — do we?  Like Arthur, I hope we have discovered the joy of honoring God, sharing as partners with Him in advancing His agenda, and blessing those created in His glorious image.


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