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The Church And Relationships

By Don Loftis | 04.01.15

The Bible clearly describes the church as a group of people who have responded to the great Gospel invitation of Jesus.  Far more than a building or business, it is best characterized through the images of relationships.

Christians have a relationship with God forged through the forgiveness offered in the blood of Jesus.  We are “sons of God” and “joint heirs” with Jesus.  This relationship is characterized by peace and love and reflected in the open communication of prayer.  The Father knows our needs, while at the same time Jesus knows our name.  Spiritual closeness here foreshadows the eternal fellowship of God and His creation in heaven.

Christians have a relationship with each other.  The New Testament repeatedly describes “brothers” and “sisters” who serve one another.  Fellowship with each other underscores a partnership and sharing that God’s family has with each other.  This relationship is seen in worship, common meals, ministry projects, and prayer services.

Christians also share a relationship with those in their communities.  Paul referred to himself as a “debtor to all men.”  Because of his privilege to know Christ, he felt a burden and passion to share the Gospel with every citizen.  Church members live in the real world and serve the needs that arise in schools, hospitals, unemployment offices, prisons, and government.  The challenge is to fulfill the Galatians 6:10 passage, “Do good to all men, especially those of the household of faith.”



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